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Our History

Silicair Dryers Limited was formed in 1967 and was established to provide high quality engineered solutions by supplying dryers or complete dryer packages to reliably supply dry air at a very low dewpoint for any number of critical applications and processes. Our company specialised in the supply of standard pressure dryers, complete dryer/filtration and controls packages which were mostly supplied for the numerous process and petrochemical applications across the world.


In 1999, Silicair Dryers acquired the ongoing business of Dryvent Limited and continues to support all products supplied by that business prior to the acquisition and that are still in operation. This often covered a specialisation in area of high pressure applications and the supply of very low pressure air compressor/air drying modules for waveguide drying and pressurisation installations.


In addition to the processes and applications mentioned above, our company has supplied engineered solutions for many standard industrial applications where a very dry compressed air or gas supply is required. These activities have covered medical and dental, laboratory testing, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and drink processing, paint finishing and power generation market sectors to name a few.

Scope of Activity

In recent times, with changes in our marketplace and our industry in general, the business is now no longer manufacturing new dryers or dryer packages and will not be quoting or tendering for any new projects or dryer requirements.

The business will now totally concentrate on the support of existing installations in the field. This now covers supplying routine and capital spare parts, including all replacement desiccants, to ensure units are regularly maintained and to extend operational life. This also covers offering comprehensive technical support, advice and assistance in their operation should there be any areas where additional information may be required. The business continues to hold extensive records relating to previously supplied products to assist this process.

The scope of activity has previously ranged from providing relatively simple and small point of use dryer units through to the engineered products design, manufacture and supply of much larger turnkey air drying and filtration packages. The scope of installation varied from small industrial applications through to larger process industries including both onshore and offshore environments and covering many bespoke market sectors such as medical air for hospitals and numerous other critical applications.

Technical Support

Installations that utilise operation of these products have often involved some complex issues and the need for fault diagnosis is sometimes required where dryer packages are experiencing problems.


Our technical support facility allows any problem to be discussed with our personnel to try and diagnose any issue that may be occurring and to provide operational guidance. This provides opportunity to suggest potential solutions or to rectify any issues. If a unit needs checks to be carried out or spare parts are identified as being required, we can provide a comprehensive level of product support through archive records and specifications that enable the required equipment to be traced and offered.


Finally, in addition to providing support for installed individual dryers or air treatment packages, our company will also offer technical advice or recommended solutions to any aspects of air treatment and the generation of high quality compressed air supply for use in any application where this is required.

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Aftermarket Spare Parts

Due to extensive project records which we try to hold on installed projects over many years, we can quote and provide spare parts for almost all operational units. The provision of a particular dryer serial number will enable us to identify a particular dryer and from the archive information held on file, we would potentially be able to provide quotations and supply the specific spare parts that would be required.

If you require assistance with any Silicair or Dryvent dryer that you are operating or providing support services for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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