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Desiccant Compressed Air and Gas Dryer Systems for Industrial and Process Applications


Leading designers and manufacturers of desiccant compressed air and gas drying equipment

Silicair Dryers Limited was formed in 1967 and continues to be one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of desiccant compressed air and gas drying equipment for the removal of water vapour and other airborne contaminants.

The company was established to provide high quality engineered solutions by supplying dryers or complete dryer packages to reliably supply dry air at a very low dewpoint for any number of critical applications and processes. Read more…

Key sectors

Silicair Dryers supply engineered solutions for many industrial applications where a very dry compressed air or gas supply is required. The company will provide specific bespoke designs covering the oil and gas, medical and dental, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and drink processing, paint finishing and power generation market sectors.


Silicair Dryers’ design scope of supply is centred on the provision of equipment solutions to meet any number of industry applications. The particular on-site requirements are critical to Silicair’s selection of a suitable product design and often the client specification will dictate the required performance from any particular desiccant dryer or dryer skid package.


Individual project specification is bespoke and Silicair Dryers will work with you to select their most suitable product design to meet your performance requirements which will normally involve the use of a particular model of Heatless or Heat Reactivated desiccant dryer with the necessary ancillary equipment including filtration and control system.

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